Our purpose statement – This is the primary reason our┬ácommunity exists.

We aim to be a supportive, connected, multigenerational, and family-friendly community that finds meaning and enjoyment in living together. We strive to live more sustainably and to act with concern for the well-being of people and the planet.

Essential conditions for a healthy and life-giving community – This is what we believe makes our community possible.

We want our community to be a strong and resilient network of people based on three principles:

  • Personal responsibility for personal well-being: Each person, with the exception of one who has a designated caretaker, is ultimately responsible for meeting their own needs for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Strong, caring relationships: Each person shows care and respect for other housemates and invests time and energy into building positive, strong, trusting relationships.
  • Care for the community: We each dedicate our energy and skills to support the well-being of the whole community by attending to the web of relationships in our community, the physical and financial infrastructure, and the health of the organization. This includes committing to community agreements and actively participating in group processes.

We want our community to comprise close relationships that develop through a sense of affinity, a sense of shared values, and a sense of trust and connection gained through experiences living and making decisions together.

We want our community to evolve through relationships, self-reflection and personal growth, cooperation, and generative tension and conflict.

We want to cultivate a culture of courageous and compassionate communication. This involves speaking with one another respectfully, talking about our feelings and perspectives honestly and openly, taking time to listen to and understand one another, taking ownership of our personal experiences, and holding care for ourselves and others.

We want our community to be a safe and supportive place that feels like home.

We want our community to be able to financially sustain itself.