Living Non-Violence in Community

Here are some links to articles and other resources that describe more about how our values can “meet the road,” and how a nonviolent approach to living facilitates both more fulfillment and greater enjoyment in living in community. If you would like more understanding or to bring any of these principles and practices into your life or community, we’re happy to share our current understandings of these approaches. You can write to us here.


Connecting with Others

Group Decision Making


Leadership and Creating Change

Community Living

Toward a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

  • Waste is not only an environmental issue but also a deep and under-discussed social justice, global justice, and class issue.
  • The Zero Waste Home blog provides inspiration and practical steps for a lifestyle change that supports social justice by ending institutionalized waste.
  • Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way we Make Things:  describes a hopeful, nature-inspired vision of design principles that would make human technology and industry both prosperous and sustainable.

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