Core Values

At Maitri House, we strive to achieve our vision by pursuing a set of core values that represent in general terms the way we want to live together and in the world. As individuals and as a group, we aspire to live up to these values. We use a values-based consensus decision-making process during our meetings to honor these and other values and to hold space for everyone’s opinion.

Here is our current expression of our values:

Prioritizing the Vitality, Wellness, and Connectedness of our Relationships
We value learning how to develop relationships of higher quality in our Community, through transparent and receptive communication with each other, self-reflection, inclusive decision-making, hearing the one voice, thoughtful conflict resolution, and mutual support of one another’s dreams and personal growth. We also value vulnerability and open sharing of feelings, believing this to be healthy and contributing towards close relationships.

Life-Affirming Social Change
We value life-affirming social change that leads to a society that meets everyone’s needs. We believe social change is realized through changing individual behaviors, challenging belief systems, and working collectively to transform systems and cultures characterized by power-over relationships often labeled racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, and numerous other power-over systems. We value peace, fair trade, economic justice, environmental justice, responsible consumerism, and community activism.

Joy in Companionship
We value holding each other with positive regard, taking joy in one another, interacting playfully with each other, and sharing activities such as communal meals.

Cooperative Parenting
We value living as a large family, sharing the joys and challenges of living with children.

Life-Enhancing Diversity
We value welcoming members of diverse class backgrounds, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, and family statuses (with or without children). In order to help create an inclusive society and break down the manufactured divisions that separate us, we value honestly and gently addressing ignorance, privilege, biases, and stereotypes — our own and those of others.

Low-Impact Living
We value making our impact on the Earth more positive by sharing resources, reducing waste, lowering our fossil fuel consumption, and moving away from consumerism and instead toward cyclical forms of resource use. We appreciate the difficulties of balancing living lightly with our well-being, and strive to meet our own needs while minimizing harm to the world’s natural order.

Respect for Animals
We value awareness of animals as living beings and considering the impact of our choices upon their lives.

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