Housemate Projects

Some of the projects community members are organizing or are involved in:

Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital (Ryan) Video recording of a lecture critically examining the U.S.’s most common surgery — infant circumcision. (Mike) From Bosnia to Uganda to Appalachia… Banjo Players, Tai Chi instructors and Peace Workers… we create professionally edited HD films that seek to make the world more whole, connecting people to issues and ideas, people to people, and people to the planet. Check out this Interdependent Pictures project featuring the fellowship and diversity of Maitri House.

UnBreaking Birth (Ryan, Emily, and Mike) The U.S. maternity care system is broken in many measurable ways. It is also fixable. See the 2-minute trailer that will hopefully inspire you to watch and share the longer TED-style talk UnBreaking Birth.