Sat Nov 5 A Message from the Kogi and Supporting Standing Rock Protectors

We invite you to a film screening and fundraiser to hear from and support indigenous peoples who are calling us to a different relationship with our Mother Earth.

Saturday, November 5
Maitri House, for the address contact or

5 pm Potluck (no alcohol, please)
6:30 pm Screening the film Aluna
Aluna is a message from the Kogi people who live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The Kogi people resisted colonization and have remained mostly secluded for the last 500 years. While they generally have no interest in communicating with outsiders, they are aware of what our societies are doing and made the effort to create this film and urge us to change our collective behavior, which they believe is ending the world as we know it.
This is their second message to us, their “younger brother”, as they generously refer to us peoples living in the modern world. The first message from 20 years ago can be seen on Youtube here.
8 pm Discussion
After the film, we’ll make an invitation to financially support the Standing Rock Protectors who are blocking illegal construction of the Dakota Access pipeline through indigenously controlled land. The Protectors and even journalists trying to cover the story are facing persecution from militarized police, even though these lands are protected by treaty. Meanwhile, the completion of this pipeline speeds the destruction our our ecosystems and the collapse of our society.
Other things you can do
If this event is not convenient for you, we encourage you to replicate this or make a different event at a time and place convenient to you. To learn more about actions to take in solidarity with Standing Rock, visit the #NoDAPL Solidarity group website.
If would like to make a donation to support the Standing Rock Protectors now, here’s the place:
This is an open-invitation event. You are welcome to share.

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