Freedom for Birth/Potluck Awareness and Fundraiser

Please join us at this family-friendly potluck in support of efforts to increase access to midwives in Maryland.

5pm Saturday, January 12

Why this event?
Generally, experienced midwives can provide services that are more consensual and gentler to women before, during, and after birth than contemporary obstetricians. For low-risk births, midwives in birthing centers and at home births have been repeatedly shown to have lower mortality and morbidity than obstetricians in hospitals. Yet, access to midwives has been severely restricted in many states including Maryland. In 1981 the state of Maryland changed the definition of midwifery to require a nursing degree in addition to midwifery certification. This made all other forms of midwifery illegal.

There are only 4 Certified Nurse Midwives based in Maryland who currently choose to serve women at homebirths. There is only one free standing birth center in the state of Maryland. In addition, there are a few Certified Nurse Midwives based in Virginia who are willing to serve women in Maryland. The options are much less than the demand.

Licensure of CPMs will restore both the rights of women to choose their birth providers and the rights of midwives to practice their beautiful chosen profession.

The approximate event schedule:
5 pm Potluck
6:30 pm Watching Freedom for Birth
7:30 pm Discussion, Q/A

For the potluck:
Bring a dish of any kind. No alcohol, please.

For children and parents:
There will be a playroom available for kids who want to come and who would like a space to play in during the film.

Want to volunteers to help prep or clean up?
Please contact

Donations are optional, but encouraged. All donations will go to Maryland Families for Safe Birth ( )

The event is hosted at Maitri House, a family-inclusive intentional community in Takoma Park, MD.

We would be delighted to have your company and your support in this cause.

Should you be unable to come, you can still sign a petition here:

With appreciation,
Ryan McAllister
In support of Midwives

There is also a Facebook Event Page:

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