Lunchy Brunch Potluck for Lovers of Living Together

Sunday, December 9

11AM – 2PM (or whenever people want to skiddadle)
Maitri House
For communal living geeks, peoples with unmet dreams of community, and everyone in between, bring a potluck dish to share (cool points for non-chips and hummus) and come learn and explore what it means to live together. Coops, group houses, intentional communities, co-housing are all welcome!
The plan:
First, eating and hanging out.
Then, group sharing. For those who live communally, what does your community do well? What needs improvement? What tools and skills do you have to share with others? For those who are interested but are not yet there, what’s your vision of the community you’d like to live with? What are your stumbling blocks to getting there?
Finally, more hanging out. Maybe meet your future housemate??
To RSVP or for more info, email karen –

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