Compassionate Communication with Family Sunday June 13 3:30 pm

Would you like more family connection and a different way to view conflict? Join Takoma Attachment Parenting on Sunday, June 13th for Compassionate Communication with Family, a workshop facilitated by Ryan McAllister and Megan Donohue of the Bay NVC Parent Peer Leadership Program (

In this workshop, we will discuss how self-connection and compassionate connection can help us shift our understanding of, and sometimes resolve, conflict with family. This way of communicating can open up new understanding, help you express your needs, and establish more peaceful partnerships with your family members. Discussion will be guided by participant interest, and may include: handling family members who disagree with your parenting style, finding common ground with your partner on parenting, attending to tantrums and strong feelings with your children, setting limits, self-connection, and communicating your own needs.

More information about this approach to communication can be found at Ryan and Megan are also associated with a local nonprofit supporting parents, children and community. More details about Takoma Attachment Parenting Meetings: .

Location: Takoma Park Community Center, Azalea Room

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