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Announcement: Maitri House Events List

We don’t really keep up with posting events to our website anymore. If you want to know about events at our house, you may find it most helpful to request a subscription to our house events email list (a google group). To request to join, send an email request to ryan [the at symbol], and say at least a sentence about what draws you to join so that we know it’s not spam. Also maybe we’ll discover a common interest with you!

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Sat Nov 5 A Message from the Kogi and Supporting Standing Rock Protectors

We invite you to a film screening and fundraiser to hear from and support indigenous peoples who are calling us to a different relationship with our Mother Earth.

Saturday, November 5
Maitri House, for the address contact or

5 pm Potluck (no alcohol, please)
6:30 pm Screening the film Aluna
Aluna is a message from the Kogi people who live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The Kogi people resisted colonization and have remained mostly secluded for the last 500 years. While they generally have no interest in communicating with outsiders, they are aware of what our societies are doing and made the effort to create this film and urge us to change our collective behavior, which they believe is ending the world as we know it.
This is their second message to us, their “younger brother”, as they generously refer to us peoples living in the modern world. The first message from 20 years ago can be seen on Youtube here.
8 pm Discussion
After the film, we’ll make an invitation to financially support the Standing Rock Protectors who are blocking illegal construction of the Dakota Access pipeline through indigenously controlled land. The Protectors and even journalists trying to cover the story are facing persecution from militarized police, even though these lands are protected by treaty. Meanwhile, the completion of this pipeline speeds the destruction our our ecosystems and the collapse of our society.
Other things you can do
If this event is not convenient for you, we encourage you to replicate this or make a different event at a time and place convenient to you. To learn more about actions to take in solidarity with Standing Rock, visit the #NoDAPL Solidarity group website.
If would like to make a donation to support the Standing Rock Protectors now, here’s the place:
This is an open-invitation event. You are welcome to share.

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Can We Love the “System”?

Finding compassion for the structures and systems we live in while creating the world we want

Wednesday Oct 1 7:30 – 9:30 PM At Maitri House
Before the workshop, there is also an optional potluck starting at 6:30 — no alcohol please.

As social change agents, we are longing for the world to be different. The gap between the world as it is, with the urgency of the challenges we are facing, and the world we want, can leave us burnt out and frustrated. In this workshop, we’ll build our capacity to open our hearts to the world that IS while holding dearly our vision for the world we WANT. We believe the result will be greater freedom, creativity, and peace within ourselves to do the work needed. This process is built on principles and tools of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Facilitated by Amanda Blaine and Ryan McAllister

For Registration and Directions:
Email ryan [put an at symbol here]

Cost of the workshop (Self-Selected Sliding Scale):
On a practical level, the expenses for this workshop have already been paid, in the form of the training and experience we have accumulated to be able to share these ideas, the building where we will meet, the materials that have been prepared, the time that we have set aside to share, etc. How much of this work we are able to do depends upon how much participants contribute. If you would like to facilitate our work, you can make a donation at the end of the workshop. For those who would like to give but don’t have financial resources to do so, we welcome other forms of contribution that support our continued effort.

If that leaves you feeling uncertain, we suggest considering what you make in an equivalent time at work (if you have a job), your access (or lack of access) to wealth, how useful what we shared was for you, the value of supporting us and our families, and the value of increasing access of others.

Notes About Accessibility
We want our house to be safe for all of us, including people with chemical sensitivities, so please no perfume or other fragranced products. We find that often guests do not understand this request, so if it is unfamiliar to you, you might read about chemical sensitivities here: .

Our house is not currently wheelchair visitable as defined by the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (we have four steps up to the front and the bathroom clearances are too small.) If any guest who uses a chair or other mobility device or has other accessibility needs would like to visit, we’re interested in discussing what we could do.

There is a dog but no other pets.

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2nd Annual Lunchy Brunch Potluck for Lovers of Living Together

For communal living geeks, peoples with unmet dreams of community, and everyone in between, come learn and explore what it means to live together. Bring any and all of your questions about communal living plus a potluck dish to share (cool points for lunchy brunchy food, not snacky food). Coops, group houses, intentional communities, co-housing are all welcome!
Sunday, December 8
11 am – 2 pm (and beyond!)
Maitri House
a 15 min walk from the Takoma metro

The plan.

eating and hanging out
community mixer! existing communities, forming communities, people in search of communities – introduce yourself and mingle!
community knowledge share! bring your problems, questions, conundrums, and concerns and tap into the collective wisdom of the group. if called to, we’ll break out into small groups to tackle the bigger things.
more hanging out. maybe meet your future housemate?
2 pm and beyond
even more hanging out for the die-hard communitarians. maybe play co-opoly and get some experience running a successful co-operative, or continue to talk about community plans, technical issues, or events.
To RSVP or for more info, email karen –
Sponsored by Maitri House, a residential intentional community of 15 people that values social justice, close relationships, environmental stewardship, parenting, and children.

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Cracking the Codes

Join us watching Cracking the Codes, a film about racial inequality. After the film we’ll have the opportunity to discuss what we saw and heard, how it relates to our own experiences, how it may help us relate with the experiences of others, and perhaps what it inspires us to do or think differently.
Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality
Tuesday, September 10 at 7:30pm at Maitri House.
Optional potluck beforehand
If you want to join us for dinner at 6:30pm, feel free to come and please bring a dish to share.

About the film:

From Shakti Butler, the director of “The Way Home: Women Talk About Race in America” and “Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” , comes a new film that asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity. Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity features moving stories from racial justice leaders including Amer Ahmed, Michael Benitez, Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, Joy DeGruy, Ericka Huggins, Humaira Jackson, Yuko Kodama, Peggy McIntosh, Rinku Sen, Tilman Smith and Tim Wise.

You can see film clips or watch a trailer at the link above.
Can’t make it but wish you could?
After Tuesday, Cracking the Codes will become part of the NotJustSkin multimedia lending library, and will be available for others to borrow to watch at home and share with family and friends.
This is an open-invitation event that you’re free to share.

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Lunchy Brunch Potluck for Lovers of Living Together

Sunday, December 9

11AM – 2PM (or whenever people want to skiddadle)
Maitri House
For communal living geeks, peoples with unmet dreams of community, and everyone in between, bring a potluck dish to share (cool points for non-chips and hummus) and come learn and explore what it means to live together. Coops, group houses, intentional communities, co-housing are all welcome!
The plan:
First, eating and hanging out.
Then, group sharing. For those who live communally, what does your community do well? What needs improvement? What tools and skills do you have to share with others? For those who are interested but are not yet there, what’s your vision of the community you’d like to live with? What are your stumbling blocks to getting there?
Finally, more hanging out. Maybe meet your future housemate??
To RSVP or for more info, email karen –

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Please join us
on Saturday, September 29, 2012
at 7 pm,
for a delicious dinner, and
to raise money for and learn about
the Diverse City Fund
Maitri House
in Takoma Park, Maryland

Please RSVP here by Tuesday, September 25.
(RSVPs are important for the cooks. )

The Diverse City Fund is a new grassroots foundation providing small grants to social change projects that are led by DC residents and powered largely by volunteer labor. The DC Fund is unique in that it supports work that is rarely funded by other foundations, since these groups often do not have 501(c)3 status or connections to the grantmaking world.  We’ll hear from both the DC Fund Board of Instigators and some grantees to learn more about how the DC Fund is supporting work for racial and economic justice in DC.
For more information, or to donate, see

Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn about and support this new model of local, direct-support resource sharing.

Sliding Scale: $5-$500
All money will go directly to supporting the Diverse City Fund.
All are welcome; no one will be turned away.

the menu

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Fresh Mozzarella
Greens with Pear, Blue Cheese, Dried Cranberries and Candied Walnuts
Greens with Olives, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Hearts of Palm

Basil Zucchini Bisque
Corn Chowder

Main Course
(all made with homemade noodles, served with garlic bread)
Lasagna with Winter Squash, Sage, and Hazelnut
Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna with Broccoli
Four Cheese Lasagna

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Ganache and optional Homemade Whipped Cream
Fruit Crisp and optional Homemade Whipped Cream

*all courses can be modified based on dietary needs

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Community Nonviolent Communication Gathering

We are excited to invite you to a day of NVC social gathering! We hope to encourage a large group to join together to share presence and connection from 11am to 5pm on February 25 at Maitri House in Takoma Park, MD.

The vision of this Capital NVC social gathering:
• To have a fun, free, family-friendly social event
• To build community among those involved with ‘compassionate communication’ or ‘NVC’ in the DC area
• To be as inclusive as we can for people of varying ages, family status, chemical sensitivity, gender expressions, families of origin, socioeconomic class, and mobility.
• To support continued learning and deepening of intentions and skills while enjoying fun and warmth
• To increase the opportunities for life-affirming social change

Date and timeSaturday February 25, 2012, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Maitri House, a family-inclusive, NVC-inspired intentional community in Takoma Park, MD, is contributing its common space for the event.
contact if you need directions
Two Blocks from the Takoma Park Food Co-Op
Walking distance from the Takoma Metro station on the Red line
Near bus stops for the Ride-On Buses 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, and the F4, F6 Metro buses.

Opportunities we anticipate during the event:
• A potluck lunch and social time all throughout the event
• An empathy room to practice being fully heard and received and fully listening and receiving others
• Various short presentations or mini-workshops on the foundation of NVC. We anticipate at this time the offerings to happen between 1pm and 3pm.
• A play area for kids of all ages with NVC activities, cooperative games, arts & crafts and lots of free play
• An optional facilitated cuddle party (see more info below) – around 4pm.
• An environment that welcomes people of all ages — children are warmly welcomed
• An opportunity to meet local NVC trainers and facilitators so people can socialize with whom is leading trainings they sign up for or send others to

What’s a cuddle party?
by Ryan McAllister, who will be facilitating this event
A cuddle party is a brief workshop on boundaries, consent, sensing what you want, and choice-fully saying no and yes. Followed by the option to invite or not invite others to cuddle with you. The format for all-grown up versions was created by a well-established group of facilitators who I respect: They’ve given me encouragement to create a family-inclusive version of the event. We plan to conclude our NVC gathering with an opt-in cuddle party that adults, and children with their responsible adults will be welcome to join.

Potluck Lunch and Snacks:
If you would enjoy doing so, we invite you to bring a potluck lunch or snack item. The healthier the better. No alcohol, please.

Helping Out
We welcome volunteers to help setup before and cleanup after the event. Come 30 min earlier or stay 30 min later for tidying.

Other Considerations
• Maitri House intends to be a place safe for people with chemical sensitivities. So please do not bring or wear fragrances or smoke-producing products.
• Maitri House has a dog, who can be in a separate space during the event. Still, dog allergies may be an issue for some.
• While we wish it were different in this aspect, the space is not currently well-adapted for wheelchairs. If you use a wheelchair and would like to come, contact Ryan at and we can describe the limitations of the space and hear from you what we can do to make it as workable/enjoyable as possible for you to attend.

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Invitation to a workshop, “Toward Constructively Addressing Bias”

Saturday December 3, 4-6pm (early arrival suggested)
Followed by an optional potluck dinner for those who wish to remain after and continue hanging out and challenging oppressive systems.

At Maitri House
This workshop will last about 2 hours.  It will be interaction driven after a short discussion of principles, and will work best with everyone’s full engagement. If possible, please come 5-15 minutes early to get comfy and have already eaten and taken care of other needs.  Come with a situation in mind that you might want to role-play, or at least think about.

Toward Constructively Addressing Bias
In order to build coalitions, be effective activists, and work toward a just society, we need to constructively address the biases towards various identity groups that we, our colleagues, and our organizations have internalized. When someone makes a comment or acts in a way that we perceive as incorporating racism, classism, sexism, or other biases, or “otherizing” people, how do we react constructively? Often, our initial reaction may be internal: perhaps discomfort, upset, or a sense of awkwardness. We may remain outwardly silent or internally upset, but never come to feel resolution about the situation. Speaking up and not “otherizing” in return can feel especially challenging when we notice our own biases, encounter bias within our own coalitions, and when in dialogue with those not in support of our vision of a more just society. In this interactive workshop, we will practice explicitly addressing potentially biased actions and statements in order to move in the direction of greater confidence and ease about doing so. In this workshop, we will use role-play to explore situations from participants’ experience or imagination, and these same situations will illustrate the theory behind non-defensively addressing bias. Come with a situation in mind that you might want to role-play!

Facilitator Bio
Ryan McAllister has struggled with internalized biases and with how to react to the external systems, memes, and social habits that perpetuate biases. Ryan may also be described as genderqueer, nerdish, poly, whiteish, youngish, male-bodied, and as the co-parent of a child with what physicians have called “profound” developmental differences. He has been studying communication, relationships, and oppression/liberation theory for about 8 years.

For more info:

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Laughter Yoga!

Lighten Up Laughter Club
November 10 and December 8
7-8 PM
Maitri House
Courtesy of Inessa and John Love

Come to laugh with us just because:

* it feels good
* it relieves stress
* it improves health
* it elevates moods
* it’s great exercise
* and it’s fun!

And the best news is – attendance is FREE!!! (We would appreciate donations to support our work, but they are not required).

Come get your childlike playfulness on!

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An evening of play with communication. June 7 2011

Have you ever thought back on a conversation with a friend, coworker, or significant other, and thought, “Well THAT could have gone better.”?
So have we!

We’re hosting a group of college students on June 7th at Maitri House for an introductory workshop in Compassionate Communication (aka NVC or Collaborative Communication), and would like to invite anyone who is interested to join us!
Compassionate Communication is a way of approaching relationships that reaches for empathy, connection, mutual understanding, and everyone being more aware of the needs at play. It is frequently taught as a means for resolving conflicts, but on a deeper level, the intention behind Compassionate Communication is to have more authentic and fulfilling relationships.
Tuesday, June 7 @ MAITRI HOUSE5:30 – gathering/socializing
6:00 – potluck dinner
7:00 – Ryan and Emily share an introduction to the main ideas and practice of Compassionate Communication, followed by an interactive role plays giving opportunity for anyone to try out Compassionate Communication on a real-life scenario.

What to Bring:
– Food and/or non-alcoholic beverages are welcome, but feel free to come even if you’re not able to bring comestibles
– At least one scenarios to use for discussion or role play.  These scenarios can be any any interaction you’ve had (or hypothetically could have) that you weren’t happy with.  This could be with family, coworkers, significant others, friends, etc.  It can even be an internal conflict (the “me” that stayed up all night watching tv and the “me” that had to take a test the next day, for example).

Feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who might be interested!

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Takoma Park Solar Co-op Financial Meeting

Some environmentally active Takoma Park residents are starting a Solar Power Cooperative. Join us Monday May 9 to learn more about how the financial structure works.

Potluck Dinner at 6pm. 7pm Explanation of the Takoma Park Solar Co-Op financial structure and socially responsible, local, investment opportunity. rsvp to if you would like to join us to learn about this Co-Op.

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A Vision of Zero-Waste Lifestyle

You’ve invited to join us at Maitri House Wednesday Feb 9 for a presentation and discussion about “A Vision of Zero-Waste Lifestyle
Join us at 5:30 for a potluck, vegan-inclusive dinner
or at 6:30 for the discussion itself
A Vision of Zero-Waste Lifestyle
Presenter: Sasha Adkins
We live in a disposable culture where things, and perhaps, for many, even relationships, are only instrumentally valuable. What would it look like to begin to see worth in everything, even what others have thrown away — dumpstering for food, befriending folks living on the street, and committing to not contributing to the waste stream might be pieces of this lifestyle. I’ll present my dissertation research on trash, with a focus on plastics in the oceans and the consequences for human health. We’ll discuss practical ways to disengage from disposable culture and create together an alternative vision.
rsvp to Ryan McAllister:

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mini Folk Fest and Brunch Invitation (Feb 5 and 6)

!The fantastic Takoma Park Midwinter mini-Folk Festival is Saturday Feb 5!
Noon-10:30 pm. at Takoma Park Middle (7611 Piney Branch Road)
For $20 or less per adult ($10/child) you get:
– Two tracks of dancing
– Dozens of musical performances
– Workshops, lessons, craft vendors, and more!
– more info at

And the next day, Sunday, Feb 6, join us at Maitri House for Brunch
– come over between 9 and 9:30 to help cook
– brunch around 10-10:30

Accommodations for Saturday Night
– You’re invited to crash over slumber-party style for saturday night at Maitri House.
– Save travel time and fuel!

– Bring a sleeping bag or blanket.

rsvp helpful but not required:

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Green Energy Party June 5 6pm

Come sign up for green electricity!
Dance, eat, play music!
You’re invited to a Green Energy Party!!!!!!
When: Saturday, June 5th, 6pm – 12:30 am
Who: You, and any friends you’d like to pass this invitation on to.
1.  Your utility bill if you pay your own electric bill.
2.  Ideas you’d like to share for green living.
3.  Potluck food or beverage if you’d like to share something.  Please wait til after the kids go to bed (~9 pm) to drink alcohol.
4.  Instruments you like to play.
5.  Your bike if it needs a free tune-up (lube, patched tire, quick, minor repairs)
Learn how to sign up for greener electricity options, through your power company or other energy providers.   We have options for you even if you don’t pay your own electric bill.
Projected Schedule:
6:00 pm    Potluck Dinner, Small Talk, & Free Bike Tune-ups by Tarek
7:00 pm    Sarah & Emily will present a short introduction to signing up for green energy.
Computers will be available for you to sign up at the party.
7:30 pm    Representatives from WeatherizeDC, RePower at Home, and Earth Sun Energy will talk about weatherization, conservation, and solar residential options.
8:15 pm    Get down.
Why:  Because we care, and we like to party!  We’re not associated with any company.  We’re not getting paid anything if you sign up, we have no financial interest, but we all have an interest in better energy choices.
Please spread this invitation far and wide.
The more people who sign up for green energy,
the quicker we change our fuelish ways.
Sarah Foard & Emily Townsend

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